EBL announces its support and partnership with CHARITY BOUNCE October 25 2018, 0 Comments

Charity Bounce was established in 2016 by an EBL Parent and
4 other basketball mad Sydney siders. Charity Bounce is a not for profit organisation that was created to inspire, motivate and create positive change to overcome disadvantages for individuals and communities. With a focus on Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders and culturally diverse youth, including newly arrived refugees, Charity Bounce uses the sport of basketball to engage with both males and females of all ages across Sydney, Canberra and the Northern Territory.

Basketball is used to engage with disadvantaged youth but ultimately all of Charity Bounce’s programs are primarily focussed on providing education, employment and health outcomes. Charity Bounce employs youth workers who operate in partnership with professional athletes and other youth service/community organisations.

Here is a short Video of a recent Central Australian Trip that Charity Bounce undertook- we hope you enjoy it.

Charity Bounce’s board has put in place a 100% public donation model - 100% of public, corporate or private foundation donations goes directly into program delivery. Private donors and government funding cover all management and administration costs of Charity Bounce.
Charity Bounce needs to employ more youth workers as the demand for the programs across Sydney is exceeding their current capacity to deliver. Any support would be great appreciated.
If you would like to support Charity Bounce and make a tax-free donation we have added a donation option on the Easts Basketball registration page or alternatively feel free to donate directly by CLICKING HERE

With a focus on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders and culturally diverse communities, including newly arrived refugees, Charity Bounce aims to move people toward a more positive future with the following demographics having been across all of our programs since July 2016:
- 59% males and 41% females
- 43% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants
- 21% newly arrived refugee and humanitarian background participants
- 8% homeless and foster care participants
- 5% participants with a disability

Charity Bounce has delivered a range of significant outcomes since launching programs in June 2016:
- More than 10,000 participants across all programs
- 403 programs delivered
- 81 disadvantaged young people placed into paid jobs
- 176 young people are involved in intensive case support by our youth workers
- Employability Skills basketball programs delivered as pilots in partnership with 6 schools across Sydney, Western Sydney, Central Australia, and Canberra