As interpreted from Basketball Australia’s “Codes of Conduct” and adapted to the Easts Basketball League for the purpose of maximum enjoyment of EBL’s competitions & activities

Parent’s Code of Conduct

-          Encourage children to always play by the rules
-          Encourage your children to participate for their interests, not your own interests
-          Reduce your child’s emphasis on winning. Instead, emphasise the enjoyment of playing basketball
-          Always treat the other players, coaches, and referees with respect – everyone at EBL is here to have fun, learn, and enjoy the game of basketball
-          Do not undermine the efforts of other players. Instead, show support for all efforts made by all the players, and help create a positive atmosphere
-          Cooperate with and show respect for the supervisors at the arena at all times
-          We incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abuse, rage, or inappropriate behavior towards players, coaches,
            referees, spectators, supervisors or any managers at the arena
-          Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care

Player’s Code of Conduct

-          Understand and abide by the rules of basketball at all times when playing
-          Do not argue or excessively question a referee’s call
-          Verbal abuse, including obscene language or derogatory gestures towards any official, will not be tolerated or permitted before, during, or after the game 
-          Physical or verbal abuse towards any other player will not be tolerated before, during, or after the game 
-          Cooperate with your team mates, opponents, referees and coaches to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the game
-          Be humble in victory and humble in defeat
-          Remember the reason for playing basketball is for enjoyment of the game, not only to win 
-          Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care

Spectator’s Code of Conduct

-          Respect the efforts of everyone involved with the game 
-          Be positive towards and encourage players who make a mistake to keep playing 
-          Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using obscene language, harassing players, referees, coaches, supervisors or any managers involved with the game
-          Condemn the use of violence in any form
-          Keep children in your care under control

Referee’s Code of Conduct

-          Officiate the game to the best of your ability
-          Officiate the game with the players, coaches and other referee/s in mind at all times
-          Officiate the game fairly, taking into consideration the skill level of the players, coaches, other referees involved in the game
-          Answer politely asked questions regarding your particular calls at appropriate times from players, coaches, and bench people only
-          Use common sense in children’s games by not “over calling” violations such as travels and double dribbles if the game is not affected by the action of the player
-          Help educate children’s understanding of the rules of the game when appropriate and encourage fair play at all times
-          Deal with difficult situations with a calm attitude, and do not become defensive when appropriately questioned
-          Enjoy refereeing, it will make a huge difference to your enjoyment of basketball
-          Keep up to date with any rule changes that are issued by FIBA and implement FIBA rules at all times during the game