Elite Training Sessions - FAQs & T&C's

Is my Child Good enough?

As long as they have some basketball experience, the drills and the sessions are created in such a way that it won’t slow down the group and allow us to have different skill levels in the group.

What If I miss a session?
We will give you a credit towards one of our camps, junior fees or future skills sessions. You will need to email us with 24 hours’ notice, otherwise a credit will not be provided.

What are the Session Times
Please arrive at 5:15pm to be marked off the list for a 5:25pm start.  We want to pack as much into the hour without any distractions.  We have to be off the court by 6:25pm

What should my Child Bring?
A water bottle and a ball with their names on it. 


1. Our coach to kid ratio is between 10 to 15 kids per Coach. 
2. If one of the advertised Coaches is unable to attend the session, a suitable replacement will be found. 
3. The Schedule may be changed without notification.