Hello all players and parents,

Just a reminder that games for this Sunday normally played at UNSW will be played at The International Grammar School (IGS) as UNSW has a Badminton tournament on all day on all courts.

The Website times are correct and the games will be as follows:

1:00pm  12A Bronte Bulls Bullets vs Eastside Rockets
1:45pm  12B Reddam 12D vs Bronte Bouncers
2:30pm   Clovelly Tide vs Reddam 12M
3:15pm   Bronte Bulls Magic vs Bronte Bulls Lakers

The venue is:
The International Grammar School
4-8 Kelly Street, Ultimo NSW 2007,  Australia.
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A few house keeping issues:
The school and gym entrances are locked at all times and can only be  accessed by keycard.  It will not be manned at all times
 but will have someone there to let you in before your game
For players, please be at the gate 5-10 minutes  before your game.  You might have to wait for that to
 happen so we can let everyone in at the same time.  As a consequence of the restrictions, if you leave
 the gym area or school through the locked gate/door you will not be able to re-enter during game times and will have to
 wait for the breaks in games to be let back in.The  toilets are within the gym area so that is not an issue with
 the doors locking.
 The areas to the main school are out of bounds at  all times and we ask that all children be supervised at all
 times to avoid any issues with alarms.The seating  in the gym is limited but we will try and make sure you are
 all seated. Please use the bins provided and keep the school clean. There should be plenty of off  street parking.
Please enjoy the day.