Junior Basketball Info Page

How to get involved

There is essentially three (3) ways to get involved with EBL.

1. Create your Own Team -
 You can get a team together (7-8 players) and join our league. All players all must be the right age for each division. Your team will then be put into a league and play against teams with similar skill and age. Need a couple extra players for your team? We can certainly help : )

2. GAMES & TRAINING - JOIN the Bronte Bulls or Bondi Lions CLUB
- Easts Basketball runs two clubs, (There is no difference between the teams, and no you don't have to be from Bronte to play for them)

- Our clubs we organise a place to train and a paid coach. With a number of flexible group sessions to pick from. 

 - If you have a few friends but not enough for a team, we can make sure they are all in the same team together.

- Once the team has been finalised we send a group email introducing you to the rest of the teams parents / guardians.

When registering for this option, just select SINGLE PLAYER GAMES & TRAINING BONDI LIONS & BRONTE BULLS

3. GAMES ONLY (BYO COACH) - Join another basketball club
If you don't want the paid coach and training session. That;s fine, we can put you together with other like minded families and players to form your own team or club.

You may need to be prepared to help Manage the team, coach or find someone who's interested in coaching. EBL Supports our parent run teams with all coaching materials, where to buy uniforms and so on. 

Currently the site doesn't allow you to register for option 3. As spots can't be guaranteed. If you would prefer to find a BYO Coach team, email us here

Coaches & Training

EBL advises all junior levels to have a team coach who can teach the kids the correct techniques, rules and conduct of Basketball. This could be a parent of a player or a friend who knows the game of Basketball.

Alternatively EBL can provide an experienced coach and weekly training sessions on a day to suit the team through our basketball club bondi Lions & Bronte Bulls. We try and match your Child to a team that suits the day of the week you can train. 


For all our junior fees please click our Fee Schedule here

How to lock in your spot

During registration it will ask your preferences for training and experience. Once you register, a group email will be sent once the teams have been finalised for the season.  Single players - In the unlikely event we cannot find a spot for your Child, a full refund will be given. 


All teams need matching coloured, numbered singlets to play in. It is advised to check with us before ordering your teams colours and we can inform you if anyone in the league has the same colour jerseys. Black or dark blue basketball shorts are to be worn if team does not have matching team shorts.

EBL Can arrange all your singlet needs


You can keep up to date with the league, draws and results at our website listed below.
If you are into facebook or instagram, come along and like us there too where we feature
EBL news and game pics, you can also download our app which has weekly fixtures & results. 
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/eastsbl
INSTAGRAM: #eastsbasketball
TWITTER: eastsbasketball
SMARTPHONE APP: Download “Sport Fix” then search "EASTS BASKETBALL” > Your division > YOUR TEAM
(this can only be done when season has commenced and all team details finalised


The venues addresses that we use can be found here
As we externally hire all our venue there may be rounds where the School or Facilities may require the venues and game do change from time to time. We will either postpone the match and notify all teams or move to another venue

Rules & Code of Conduct

Please check here for all rules, game lengths points & penalties