JNR3X3 BASKETBALL - Learn through play



Our JNR3X3 provides an excellent foundation for 5x5 basketball.

3x3 provides a great platform for kids to learn spacing, movement and good defence.

3x3 is now an Olympic sport in it’s own right.

There is a pathway through State and National events that we plan to be a part of.

3x3 can be a great addition to your weekly training and is also a valuable stand alone development tool.

EVERYONE gets to get their hands on the ball more often. This is so important for development.

Your child will learn through play, as players receive feedback directly from the coaches each week.

3X3 is a great alternative to standard basketball training and may even be more beneficial for some players.

You can come as a team (3-4 players) or as a single player and we will put you into a team. Over the course of the hour each half court will have a Coach running 3x3 games continuous. During stoppages provide feedback to the groups on how to improve their skills.

One coach per game. They will run each game, provide feedback and aim to ensure everyone is getting quality feedback to continue to work on their game.

: Waverley College
WHEN: Tuesdays Starting 15 October, 2019
: $153
DURATION: 9 weeks