Credit Card Authorisation


EBL will be taking a Credit Card Authorisation at the start of each season to cover forfeits.
If a team forfeits with more then 72 hours notice, they will lose 3 competition points with no fine issued.

If a team forfeits for any Adult EBL competition with less then 72 hours notice, the team will lose 3 competition points and a $100 fine will apply.
The team will not be permitted to take court the following week until the fine is paid in full.

$80 of the fine will go to the opposing team and $20 to cover admin will go to EBL.
Teams who sign up to the season do so on the basis of agreeing to this system.

Will this take money from my account now?
We will not be taking any money out of your account with this authorisation. It's merely designed to hold your card details. At the end of each season if you don't wish to continue we will cancel the authorisation.